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GR Services, Inc. consists mainly of George Roberts. GR Services, Inc. employs computer consultants chiefly specializing in software programming using MSVC, MFC, Java, and Visual Basic in the Boston area. Click here to see George's resume. Click here to see George's Java applet.

George Roberts
(781)235-2975 (home)


gr5 store - reseller of 3dsolex ultimaker parts including Olsson block, nozzles, fans, isolators, heaters, temp sensors, and more.
Map of North South Lake Campground in Catskills, NY (new york)
Project astro
Bargain Buddy Removal
Odyssey back seat (rear seat) stuck/broken repair
Spy Fox Dry Cereal Walkthrough (cheat/hints)
How to make glass disappear in a liquid - index of refraction
Need to know what time your camera puts into images? Click here to calibrate your camera clock.
Ultimaker3 HardCore Profiles.
Putt Putt Saves the Zoo Walkthrough (cheat/hints)
MoonLoc V 1.05 - Free Moon and sun locator program with source code.
Sunspotters - How to use a Sunspotter telescope to determine the rotational period of the sun and other useful materials.
A hard working electrician who lives in wellesley and services wellesley, newton, weston, wayland, natick area.
How to make a simple java bean using Netbeans 6.0.1 - example shows extension of JButton
Some web sites I have built: WEF - Sprague School wellesleyYes pyro clan The Barr Taylor Group