3DSolex HardCore

Profiles for HardCore for Cura 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 only

Download and run this small installer which will copy all the AA 0.4 and BB 0.4 profiles to your user area and rename relevant portions of the profile to HardCore.

note: The user area is in %appdata%/cura/. Profiles in here are added to or replace the profiles in the normal cura install folder.

You can run the installer multiple times if you want but you need to run it at least once after you install cura. If cura isn't installed then there are no profiles for this installer to copy so the installer won't do anything. Note that the installer should work for cura 3.2 but hasn't been tested with cura 3.2 because as of today (12/27/2017), cura 3.2 doesn't exist.

hardcore profile installer