George Roberts
Wellesley, MA
(781) 235-2975

Qualifications  30 years programming experience (since age 12); MSVC MFC C++ programming for past 11 years; C programming for 19 years; NT for past 7 years; Java for 6 years; Visual Basic for 7 years; HTML for 8 years; JAVA; OLE; Acitve X; COM; DCOM; ATL; STL; Unix; Linux; TCP/IP; IP; sockets; CGI; ODBC; DAO; SQL; SAPI; analytical, motivated, open personality. Strong digital and analog electrical engineering background. Musical composition experience. 

Action Alarm, Inc., Quincy, MA 
Software Contractor Sep 2003 - present  
Dramatically improved the speed of Visual Basic software used in monitoring home and business alarms.

Amber Infotech, Inc., Wayland, MA 
Software Contractor Feb 2000 - present  
Built a Windows 2000 service that communicates with a Sharp Electronic cash register. Also created shrink-wrap application to allow store owners to edit cash register information -- written in JAVA.

Subscriber Solutions, Framingham, MA 
Software Engineer Contractor February 2003  
Converted a Linux C program that communicates with hardware to work in Windows.

Teradyne, Inc., Boston, MA 
Software Engineer Contractor Dec 2001 - Nov 2002  
Wrote firmware in C for embedded computers that communicate with each other using LON protocol. Each of 26 nodes monitors up to 100 voltage, temperature, fan and other sensors inside a Teradyne chip tester. Each node also controls power sequencing when turning on or off tester. Used Keil compiler on ADUC 812 8051 style CPU.

Teradyne, Inc., Boston, MA 
Hardware Engineer Contractor Jan 2001 - Dec 2001  
Wrote software that interfaces with Teradyne's newest chip tester using MSVC, ATL, Visual Basic. Helped bring up, debug and test a circuit board used in Teradyne's newest chip tester. Wrote firmware for ADUC812 and also Cypress M8 to control a USB device.

imachines, Inc., Needham, MA 
Software Contractor Jan 1999 - Jun 2000  
Built VB and C++ ATL ActiveX components for use with semiconductor manufacturing equipment along with the main GUI for imachine's current client using Developer Studio 6.0.

Opus Telecom, LLC, Framingham, MA 
Software Contractor May 1998 - Jan 1999  
Converted a suite of C programs from Unix to NT 4.0. Wrote a Linux C server program and an NT Java client program that display live, constantly updating information about phone calls using Symantec Cafe.
Also created a Java bean ActiveX component and a VB ActiveX component for use with oracle FORMS.  

Image Technologies, Corp., Boston, MA 
Embedded Programmer Mar 1998 - Apr 1998  
Wrote embedded controller software for servo and camera control for medical equipment.    

imachines, Inc., Needham, MA 
Software Contractor Nov 1997 - Feb 1998  
Created ActiveX components using Microsoft’s Active Template Library (ATL) for use with semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Also added graphical wafer view GUI using MFC to existing program. All software was done in C++, Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Developer Studio 97.  

Teradyne, Inc., Boston, MA 
Software Contractor Aug-Nov 1997  
Wrote a shrink wrap dialog only application to be included with Teradyne’s new V540 tester. This was written using Developer Studio 97, Visual C++, MFC in Windows NT 4.0. New skills included WinHelp and HtmlHelp (the application uses both).  

Hands on Technology Transfer, Chelmsford, MA 
Software Instructor August, November 1997 
Taught 2 one week 40 hour courses entitled "MFC Programming for C++ programmers". Subjects included document/view architecture, GDI, dialogs, ODBC, DAO, OLE and more.  

Nynex Information Resources Company , Middleton, MA 
Software Contractor 1997-present 
Contracted to implement NYNEX's CLASS software suite, used by yellow page account reps, on the Windows NT 4.0 OS. Developed GUI software in Microsoft Development Studio to read and update customer account mainframe DB2 databases accessed through CICS. Ported 29K lines of code from OS/2 to NT. Completed work in 1/2 of projected time enabling entire project to finish ahead of schedule. "George writes code 3 times faster than most programmers -- he's a programming animal!", Senior Systems Analyst Peter DiBella. Skills learned included much more detailed understanding of MS Windows GUI internals, multithreading, subclassing controls. 

Security Interface Corp., Quincy, MA 
Vice President of Software Engineering 1995-1997 (part time) 
Developed all software for "Alarm Concentrator" product, which installs into a PC, including firmware, Windows95 C++ DLL to interface with the card through the backplane, and Windows95 Visual Basic software that communicates with and configures the Concentrator. 

Teradyne, Inc., Boston, MA 
Senior software engineer 1993-1997  
Designed and delivered object oriented VC++ MFC solutions to manufacturing division which assembles and tests electronic circuit boards. This software includes a suite of applications sharing a common graphical DLL. It started in Windows 3.1, moved to Windows 95 and finally to Windows NT. 

Architected and produced graphics software to replace in-house use of AutoCad. This assembly drawing software creates mechanical drawings for PCB assemblers, and has needed features lacking in AutoCad. 

Coordinated development for this 12 month long assembly drawing software project. Delivered product sooner by hiring and managing a software consultant. Developed schedule and coordinated all 4 software engineers. 

Webmaster for divisional web pages. This included being the system administrator for a Sun IPC with Sun OS 4.1.3, implementing Unix security features, downloading and installing HTTPD, writing the web pages, writing Unix CGI scripts for the web server in C, writing Unix C programs to analyze the log files and graph statistics of web site usage, documentation for all software products, and much more. 

Saved Teradyne money by implementing cross platform Unix/Windows C++ application used by Hardware Design Engineers within Teradyne worldwide. This application allows design engineers to quickly find the components that are cheapest to assemble and test and still meet design specifications. 

Composed software to plan the most efficient feeder configuration for the Boston surface mount production line. 

Senior Test Engineering Technologist 1988-1992  
Supplied VAX/VMS C applications for test department. 

Departmental network administrator. This included buying and installing Ethernet equipment such as bridges, maintaining DNS TCP/IP addresses on a server (Unix), testing network load, planning new networks. 

Test Engineering Technologist 1984-1988  
Developed programs to test printed circuit boards. Wrote digital signal processing software. 

RCA Automated Systems, Burlington, MA  
Member of Technical Staff 1983-1984  
Created programs to test helicopter cockpit electronic assemblies. 

Process Software Corporation, Framingham, MA  
Software Engineer 1982-1983 (part time)  
Developed pdp-11 device drivers to control peripheral devices. Wrote a menu-driven video signal processing package. 

Precision Software  
Co-owner 1982-1983 (part time)  
Wrote interactive video games for Commodore PET, and sold them through mail order. 

Pneumo Precision Inc., Keene, NH  
Contract programmer 1981-1982 (summers)  
Designed, assembled & programmed a turnkey computer based system for manufacturing CNC part programs for diamond machining lathes. Pneumo Precision made a profit on the very first sale. 

Richard F Weeks Associates, Lexington, MA  
Contract programmer 1980 (summer)  
Created assembly language programs to control servo motors. Wrote PASCAL applications. 

Lexington Computer Services, Lexington, MA  
Contract programmer 1978-1979 (part time)  
Wrote software for public school system most of which was for their database system. 

Education  University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
B. S. Computer Systems Engineering May, 1983 G.P.A. 3.7/4.0